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President Fan Yan Delivered Speech on the Kick-off Meeting of DCEP 60,000 TPA Integrated PVC Resin Manufacturing Plant Project

Time:2016-11-03 【Size:Big In Small

Kick-off Meeting of "DCEP 60,000 TPA Integrated PVC Resin Manufacturing Plant Project" has been successfully held at conference center of CEC during Oct. 24~29 2016, with DCEP, TCE, MIE delegation, leaders from Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, China Bank and SINOSURE and major members of CEC Project Team attended. All the attending parties confirmed the front-end work of the Project and reached broad consensus after in-depth exchange of views, which laid sound foundation for the smooth implementation of the Project.

Speech on KOM of 60,000 TPA Integrated PVC Resign Manufacturing Plant Project on Turnkey Basis in Mekelle, Ethiopia

Distinguished guests of DCEP,Distinguished guests of TCE,Ladies and gentlemen:In this golden autumn, we gather together in this beautiful city-Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan province, China, to hold the kick-off meeting of 60,000 TPA Integrated PVC Resign Manufacturing Plant Project on Turnkey Basis in Mekelle, Ethiopia.On behalf of CEC, I would like to extend my warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the Employer and our Partners attending the Kick-off Meeting. Thanks to the trust and support from the Employer, the project is launched. Thanks to our partners, the project is pushed forward with powerful driving force.CEC was founded in 1953 as subordinate to China Sinolight Corporate. With more than 60 years development, CEC, relying on its broad global vision, firm faith and international-leading technology, service and managerial experience, has forged one quick-response, highly efficient and competitive engineering construction team to provide service covering whole project life cycle. CEC has project reference all over the 31 province in China and more than 20 countries all over the world. 

With more than 60 years development, CEC, relying on its broad global vision, firm faith and international-leading science technology, service quality and managerial experience, has forged an engineering construction team to provide service in the whole process of project, which are able to assemble at the first call and capable of fighting and wining. The designed capacity of the project is 60,000 tons of PVC resin powder per year, the quality grade is from SG1 to SG8. Project scope includes calcium carbide plant, chlorine alkali plant, VCM plant, PVC plant and steam boiler plant, water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant and otherutilities and auxiliary facilities. The project is located in Arato, Mekelle city, Tigray Region, Ethiopia. Since the commencement on October 8, 2016, the total project duration is 30 month.

Project commencement is a remarkable point worth congratulation. But we know well that this is only the first step to project success. Since contract signing on 25th March,2016, we have carried out large number of comprehensive project construction work. Project management team comprised with CEC best staff and design team combined with CEC and FDG force have been established. Besides, site survey & investigation and detailed investigation have been completed. The project management team and the design team have prepared implementation proposals on basis of large number of preliminary work, which will be reviewed in the kick-off meeting.In the project implementation, we will abide by the Ethiopian local laws and regulations, fulfill the contract terms and carry out our work with high standards and high level of expertise,so as to realize the goal of quality, progress, safety and environmental friendliness.We will ensure that the project will realize the goal of production capacity and product quality in the project completion. Besides, we will provide technical support and training for operators and two years baby-sitting after completion.The PVC project is the key and critical project for CEC. 30 months project duration flies fast, we shall start intense work since the project commencement. 30 months are long, we shall make every step effective and fruitful. I sincerely hope that all the technical personnel and partners involved in project will work together and cooperate with each other closely. With the spirit of unity, CEC will organize the construction, ensuring the project quality, progress and safe construction. With its expertise, high standard service and strong executive force, CEC will forge a World-class project.

In China, there is a set phrase “Shan Shi Shan Zhong” ( Starting well and ending well). Starting well is to set the goal to make the project benefit the society and the Employer. Ending well is to realize the goal and complete the project in high standard. We have already had a good beginning. We will go ahead boldly until the project is completed as scheduled. I firmly believe that, we share the goal with all you here and we will cooperate closely to search for development, for friendship and for a bright future together.To conclude, I would like express my gratitude again to you all for coming today. Wish you all the best. Wish you have a nice trip in China. Thank you all!

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